Welcome to WaveTheVoice, the first audiovisual NFT Collection of 1,337 waves created by your voices on Solana. In short, we turn your sounds into waveform art and then turn it all into one fabulous NFT.
After minting, you will get a video file with your sound + JPEG file. The second is perfect for your Twitter cover.
5 reasons why mint WTV
Tokenize your precious sounds in Solana's heart.
There are so many precious sounds in life. Mom's lullaby, love confession, baby's laughter, our affirmations, beloved cat meow, audience applause, kettle boiling... With WaveTheVoice you can immortalize any sounds and meaningful phrases by imprinting them on the blockchain skin. Then, you can keep them for yourself as precious memories, gift to someone you love, or even inherit as a family heirloom.
Make money by selling your NFTs.
If you create NFTs from something that YOU value, this does not mean that you cannot trade them. Some people think that their voice & emotions are useless to others if they are not influencers. It's not true! Any work of art starts with the personal emotions of the author. We, humans, have a lot in common, and the phrases & sounds you record will surely resonate in the hearts of many other people. Let's prove that each voice is truly valuable! After all, this is the meaning of the DAO, isn't it?
Become a member of the community where Each Voice Matters.
Of course, we have our roadmap, but we really listen to every suggestion from our community and implement most of them. Recently we completely redesigned the project following the members' wish to add rarity. And we remain open to any suggestions regarding our further moves.
Get access to the influencers' voice autographs.
If knowing the value of your voice, you do not want to sell your NFT, WaveTheVoice will still help you to make money. Our holders will have access to voice autographs of influencers and the opportunity to sell them. Can you imagine how much a voice autograph of Reese Witherspoon might cost, for example?
Make the world a little better.
Last but not least, when buying WaveTheVoice NFTs, you make a donation to persons with disabilities. While creating our beautiful audiovisual waves, we do not forget that some people can't see, hear, and speak. We will donate 5% of the income immediately after the Initial Sale and continue donations from subsequent proceeds.
Let's prove that Each Voice Matters!
How it works
Let's start with a blank wave and then update it with your voice. Just click on that button and surrender to the WaveTheVoice power. Background, wave color & style will be chosen randomly. Voila! It's in your wallet.
Step 1
Mint NFT on the Solana blockchain in a few clicks.
You are free to record or upload any audio up to 10 seconds (in case of upload, your recording will be cropped to this size). Choose your words wisely - they will forever be imprinted on Solana's skin.
Step 2
Record or upload your sound in our tool.
Express the essence of your recording by giving it a name & add the story behind your wave in the description if you like. High five, creator! Your wave is ready!
Step 3
Create your NFT's metadata.
Immortalize your voice in Solana's heart.
Rarity Chart
WaveTheVoice respects the uniqueness of each voice and allows you to get even more benefit due to the rarity system. You can find the percentages of attributes here
The Team
Just two reckless solanauts who have become the right and left hemispheres of the WaveTheVoice project.
Alex aka Goodv1n
Software magician, visionary of WaveTheVoice project. Sweet-tooth, disco lover, experience seeker, master of bad jokes.
Сonsiders art to be a way to improve reality, not a way to escape from it. Coffee lover, melomaniac, and workaholic.
Our mission is to give the community something new - the ability to create audiovisual NFTs with their voices. We are really listening to each voice of our members and updating the roadmap according to them.
Concept update
The community has changed our collection. We added a rarity & video format, started a discord, and realized that musicians love our project! Now our focus is on the community growth, giveaways, and collabs for our members.
Initial Sale
Secondary markets
The opportunity for all holders to trade their NFTs on the popular markets such as Solanart, MagicEden, DigitalEyes, etc.
Holders club
Online events, giveaways, airdrops, and an exclusive opportunity to buy and resell autographs from influencers for holders only. Creating the NFT song together, selling it in the auction, and sharing profits among holders.
Interactive gallery
Audiovisual virtual exhibition of created artworks, glorifying the holders among NFT lovers from all over the world. It's like the million dollar homepage for voice waves.
Influencers voice signatures
Engaging influencers to create voice autographs in NFT image format using WaveTheVoice. Bringing more attention to Solana & more profit to our holders.
WTV Marketplace
Launch of a brand new marketplace for WaveTheVoice NFTs trading inclusive with an auction mechanism.

More coming soon!
Not just another NFT collection. A collection created by you.
Is it audio NFT?
WaveTheVoice NFTs are audiovisual. After minting, you will get a video file with your sound + JPEG file. The second is perfect for your Twitter cover.
Any reservations?
We have reserved 16 waves for giveaways, collaborations, airdrops, etc.
When is the day of minting?
Pre-Sale on Dec 3, 20:00 UTC at 0.1 SOL for the people from our list. You need to get on the list in advance. Public minting on Dec 3, 22:00 UTC. All conditions for getting into the list are described in our Discord group. Join it now , you are welcome there!
What's the price for minting?
Next 100 waves at a reduced price - 0.25 SOL

Please join us on Discord to ask anything else and check out our current giveaways!
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