Welcome to WaveTheVoice, the tool that generates NFT waves images from your audio records. It respects the uniqueness of each voice and word and allows you customize it even more with colors and gradients.
Built on top of Metaplex. All waves stored forever by Arweave. Minting App is created with Vue.js. Powered by Solana ♡
Not just another NFT collection.
A collection created by you.
You are free to record or upload any audio up to 10 seconds (in case of upload, your record will be cropped to this size). Choose your words wisely - they will forever be imprinted on Solana's skin.
Step 1
Record or upload your sound in our tool.
Our tool will generate an image from your record. Make it look fabulous or ugly - it's up to you. WaveTheVoice provides you with all the colors and gradients to express your creativity.
Step 2
Customize your image with colors and gradients.
High five, creator! It's time to turn your masterpiece into NFT. Just click on that button and surrender to the WaveTheVoice power. Voila! It's in your wallet.
Step 3
Mint NFT on the Solana blockchain in a few clicks.
Immortalize your voice in Solana's heart.
Our mission is to help Solana blossom by encouraging people to create new unique NFTs on it. With WaveTheVoice, anyone can become an NFT creator and seller.
Solana hackathon
Participation in the Ignition Global Solana Hackathon . Any support is greatly appreciated.
Initial Sale
Access to minting only for 5555 people from our list. Only one NFT per person. Learn how to get listed .
Secondary markets
The opportunity for all holders to trade their NFTs on the popular markets such as Solanart, MagicEden, DigitalEyes, etc.
Holders club
Merch store, tattoo sketch generator, online events, contests, and unique prizes for holders only. The cherry on the top - an exclusive opportunity to buy and resell autographs from influencers!
Interactive gallery
Audiovisual virtual exhibition of created artworks, glorifying the holders among NFT lovers from all over the world. It's like the million dollar homepage for voice waves.
Influencers voice signatures
Engaging influencers to create voice autographs in NFT image format using WaveTheVoice. Bringing more attention to Solana & more profit to our holders.
WTV Marketplace
Launch of a brand new marketplace for WaveTheVoice NFTs trading inclusive with an auction mechanism.

More coming soon!
The Team
Just two reckless solanauts who have become the right and left hemispheres of the WaveTheVoice project.
Alex aka Goodv1n
Software magician, visionary of WaveTheVoice project. Sweet-tooth, disco lover, experience seeker, master of bad jokes.
Сonsiders art to be a way to improve reality, not a way to escape from it. Coffee lover, melomaniac, and workaholic.
How can I get listed?
All conditions for getting into the list will be described in our Telegram group. Join it now , you are welcome there!
When is launch day?
We plan to start the initial sale as soon as the results of the hackathon are announced. However, if you want to participate in it, you need to get on the list in advance.
What's the price for minting?
1 SOL + small minting fee.

Please join us on Telegram to ask anything else.